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  • Consent to personal data processing

    The User of the Drugstore site, acting as the Subject of personal data and based on the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine in the field of personal data protection, by using/visiting the above-mentioned site and/or filling in the relevant forms and/or providing the requested information and/or marking the consent for the processing of personal data, where it is provided, the ICF "Alliance for Public Health" (EDRPOU code 26333816), the Owner of the personal data database (hereinafter - the "Owner"), gives consent to the processing of his personal data according to the purpose of their processing and on the conditions, outlined in this Consent to personal data processing .

    1. The Owner is given consent to the automated processing of personal data of the Subject of personal data, as well as without the use of automation means.

    2. The Subject of personal data gives consent to the Owner for the processing of all and any personal data, for the purpose specified in this Consent and to the extent communicated in any form and/or received by the Owner from the Subject of personal data or third parties, including but not limited to the following personal data:
    3. Purpose and goals of personal data processing:

    Personal data of the Subject of personal data are processed by the Owner to fulfill the statutory goals and tasks of the Contractor, concluded contracts and agreements, and requirements of current legislation, as well as to implement relations, rights and obligations both directly between the Subject of personal data and the Owner, as well as in connection with such relations, rights and obligations.

    In particular, the purpose of processing personal data of the Subject of personal data is to ensure the implementation of:

    4. The Subject of personal data hereby gives the Owner consent to perform all and any of the following actions (sets of actions) with personal data without additional notification or obtaining additional consent from the Subject of personal data:
    5. Rights of the Subject of Personal Data:
    6. Procedure for distribution and access to personal data:
    7. When processing personal data in any way, the Owner complies with the terms of this Consent, the requirements of current legislation, the Charter and internal local acts of the Owner, and takes reasonable organizational and technical measures to ensure confidentiality and protection of personal data being processed.

    8. Personal data will be stored for the period necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purpose and purposes of processing such data but in any case not less than 10 years. Personal data may be destroyed after the expiration of the storage period or in cases provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine. The database of personal data can be stored on media that are located both on the territory of Ukraine and outside of Ukraine. The Subject of personal data has the right to withdraw this Consent or make changes to its terms by sending a written notice to the Owner at least 90 (ninety) days before the expected date of withdrawal/change of this Consent. The Subject of personal data agrees that during the specified period the Owner is not obliged to stop/change the processing of personal data and to destroy the personal data of the Subject of personal data. Withdrawal/change of the terms of the Consent shall not have a retroactive effect on personal data processed before the entry into force of such withdrawal.

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